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    This is how I feel right now.

    To start off this blog, let me just say that this is in aimed to those who have basically been messing up image categories. Now while all of the users that have been contributing to this tricky concept have been doing it in good will, a majority have not done it the properly. To those of whom I have messaged about it, be aware that I am not angry at you and that you are absolutely not the only ones who were mistaken. Again, I'm not mad, I'm just not pissed on about this. By taking a good look at this guide, you can learn how to do it better in an efficient way that will actually help the wiki and not slow it down. If you're new at doing this, I suggest asking an admin team member for englightment but other than…

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    Goodbye, Lucy

    September 7, 2014 by Waves Of Wisdom

    Before anyone panics, I'm sure as hell not leaving the wiki. Precautions people.

    Users have come and gone. Built bonds and left with their memories harried within the people they knew. It is a burden to see someone you care for leave you, as well as it can be a joy to see someone you've hated go away, as cruel as the thought of feeling those things can be. But they will remain within your hearts nonetheless, as little as it all may seem. I am one of the many that has witnessed users who have all marked us depart and have had my share of pain due to it. Now comes the time, fellow friends, where I shall depart of my own wings and fly away from what I used to call my home, my shelter from the outside world. Or rather what used to feel like h…

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    Cheer up ;)

    August 10, 2014 by Waves Of Wisdom

    As we all know this, our wiki has reached the breech where we will need to enter a new era. And with an new start, come new customs and change. Everything will go well, as long as we remain rational and open to the sudden surprises that may unleash upon us, for both Admin Team members and regular users as well. This wiki has worked hard, for nearly three and a half years, to make progress in its organization, some of which was done even before I got here. It would be a shame to see all that hard work fall apart upon new terms. Users have left, gone inactive or have simply not been at their best behaviors, but that's how life works. Let those statements stand as motivations to move on and rebuild.

    I really don't want users to loose hope in t…

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